Specific Courses

Starting out from being a 'beginner' to eventually reaching the position of a 'top player', this gradual path is many times hampered by 'stumbling blocks' in the form of technical and/or psychological problems. Often these 'blocks' hamper the overall growth of the cricketer and stop him reaching his true and complete potential. We at ACA regularly conduct skill enhancement programmes like:

For batsmen:

  • Building a good basic technique and set up
  • Developing stroke play for different formats.
  • Error detection and correction of techniques.
  • Developing batting skills for different conditions and formats.
  • Developing the art of building an innings and scoring consistently.

For bowlers:

  • Building an efficient action.
  • Improving bowling mechanics.
  • Developing speed, movement and turn.
  • Developing accuracy and variations.
  • Building Spells

For feilders:

  • Learning basic feilding techniques.
  • Advance technqiues for shorter version
  • Learning to feild efficiently under pressure.

Some other courses conducted at ACA are:

  • Mental preparation for big matches
  • Present moment awareness
  • Pressure handling
  • Situational training
  • Technical rectification/adjustment
  • Basic courses for beginners
  • Advance courses for professionals

These are residential courses, usually of the duration of 2 to 3 weeks. Each courses contents and plan are developed after thorough video-analysis of the player, ensuring that the player sails over the hurdles and continues his growth in a smooth fashion.