Pitch Vision Advantage

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The PitchVision Advantage

One-to-one coaching is a training pedagogy that hardly needs extolling. it is by far the most effective way to impart a new technique/style, rectify or unlearn old ones and improve over-all performance.

Towards this end, the National School of Crickethas an eminent panel of expert coaches. And helping these coaches is an army of hardware and software that makes their job more precise and swift.

The foremost among these is PitchVision.

This is a mobile interactive cricket training package that tracks every ball from the bowler's as well as the batsman's prespective. It offers precise data to be delivered either on a laptop or a mobile phone. This data is actually instant and detailed statistics for examination, with in-depth ball-by-ball analysis of ones games and performance - each delivery, each session,each week and each season.

Most cricket enthusiasts will be familiar with the range of ball by ball analysis provided in television broadcasts and in at specialist sports academies, but until nowthere had been no practical or cost effective manner in which to make this kind of technology available to the everyday player, club or school.

PitchVision is a unique system that allows batting, bowling and fielding performance to be automatically measured, compared and improved. PitchVision takes cricket practice into the 21st Century by applying a completely new technological system that sends instant feedback, as they play, directly to each player's mobile phone, PDA or Laptop.

PitchVision add the crucial element of analysis & competition to regular practice, making it more stimulating and productive. The system is programmed to work in both casual and structured modes, utilising training routines and analysis developed in conjunction with miSport's cricket adviser Derek Randall.

A common frustration to the average player is the lack of coaching available at club and local level. In a survey of player training habits in clubs in London, Mumbai and Melbourne over 80% of players identified a major frustration was the lack of feedback and the inability to know if they were improving or not. Over 90% also stated that they would like to train more but faced obstacles of organising enough people and doing it at a time that suited them.

PitchVision at National School of Cricket addresses both these issues. Firstly it captures automatic ball by ball records of each delivery and the standard or outcome achieved. The software provides both instant feedback, and a wealth of data for later, detailed analysis.

Secondly, the nature of feedback is such that it enables players(batsmen & bowlers) to practice insmaller groups or even aloneand still obtain meaningful feedback. Cricketers can now enjoy the convenience of practice and play in alone or in small groups and still receive greater feedbacks than in club training.

Line and Length, Ball Speed, shot selection, scoring against simulated teams, In-Net run chases against software simulated fielding sides, LBW adjudications, records of wicket balls, accuracy, and automatic player ID are just some of the instant features available to the player.

The bowlers get to know:-

  • How fast they bowled
  • If you are really hitting line and length
  • How much the delivery turned, bounced or deviated
  • Weaknesses in your game
  • Ball-by-ball television broadcast style stats
  • Record your wicket balls
  • Simulate real game situation - bowling to a set field
  • Judge LBW decisions
  • All of this info beamed directly to a laptop or mobile

The batsmen get to know:-

  • The value of your shots
  • What balls get you out and what balls allow you to score
  • Set any virtual field to improve shot placement
  • See the effect of your footwork
  • Analyse aerial and ground shots
  • Set run chases in real game scenarios
  • Ball-by-ball television boradcast style stats
  • All of this info beamed directly to a laptop or mobile