Cricket Infrastructure

Know about our Infrastructure

42 bighas of verdant, manicured grass, set in a picturesque valley, with the mighty Himalayas and the Shivaliks overlooking the practice pitches. Sounds too good? It gets better. There's a river flowing alongside the sports complex.

The ACA grounds at Guniyal Gaon, just outside the city limits, offer a cricketing experience of global standards.

Here's a look at what NSC offers to its students:

  • Five main pitches and four practice pitches, with grassy slopes for the spectator, international standard cricket grounds (New Zealand and South Africa have similar seating arrangements).
  • Floodlights for day and night coaching and matches.
  • Bowling Machines
  • Pavilions
  • In-house power source (380KW)
  • Underground Water Sprinkler System
  • Provision for Stump-Vision Cameras and Snicks-o-meters.
  • PitchVision computer modeling for ball-by-ball analysis and simulation
  • Sliding pitch covers
  • International standard sight-screens
  • Automated rollers
  • Automated grass cutters
  • Latest Sports Equipment

Apart from these facilities, the Sports Complex at National School of Cricket offers:

  • Top-of-the-line gymnasium for cardiovascular and weight training
  • Tennis courts
  • An indoor swimming pool
  • Completely air-conditioned bunk houses for the boys
  • Air-conditioned suites and rooms for visiting coaches, guests and parents
  • On-site kitchen and catering with international style cafeteria and dining spaces
  • Health and Medical care facilities

Meet Ravi our groundsman. He is the carrier of a great legacy of his father Sitaram - the legendary creator of some of the most prominent cricket pitches of India.
And working for Ravi on the grounds is an entire array of equipment - rollers, sprinklers, mowers, soppers - a whole virtual army of men and machinery that keep the grounds in top shape throughout the year.

We believe that infrastructure is the heart and soul of any training facility. In other words, a school / academy can only be as good as its infrastructure. Therefore, understanding the requirements of our students, we have built facilities to their finest details.

We have provided for a gymnasium at the grounds, besides another one at the school. Similarly, a library each has been at the grounds and the school. Provisions have also been made for a Table Tennis room to enable the students to hone their eye-hand coordination. An audio-visual center for video analysis of students recordings, screening of motivational films, and presentations by the faculty.

Ground Quality

The ground has been built as per ICC standards and is fit for organising even international matches. Special emphasis has been laid on retaining grass on the pitches, which is rare in India. The soft and lush green outfield helps in development of advanced sliding diving fielding skills.

Ground Facilities

The ground boasts of equipment of international standards, like underground sprinkler systems, automated mowers, rollers, super-sopper, provision for stumpvision camera and snickometer, synthetic turf etc.

Coaching Facilties

The floodlights enable us to continue coaching even after sunset, which is very essential as due to thrust on academics, a child gets less time before sunset. We use the latest scientific coaching methods.